16 Aug Seize The Chance To Be A Victor

Oftentimes we wish for that person who can lend us a listening ear and give us relevant advice on your troubles. Not your spouse, but a coach. To actually have the fortune to meet such a person would be a blessing that comes at most once or twice in a lifetime. And I consider myself to have the good fortune to have met two in my life.

The first was this mentor in life who listened to me and guided me helped me up when I was in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Out of job before the age of 35, sending in endless resumes (over a hundred) for almost a year and not getting replies, finally landing a job only to be forced to resign in barely over half a year.

It was in this slump, this dark period of my life when my first mentor, whom I fondly refer to as ‘Shifu’, helped me get back up on my feet. He listened to my woes, gave me advice I didn’t know I needed. His patience and advices helped moulded me to be the better person I am today.

Meeting My Second Shifu

Now, the second person I met was only quite recently. When I mentioned luck to meet someone who can advise and listen to your woes, I would like to add that sometimes you can boost your chances of meeting such a compatible person.

Even currently in a job, managing a team of 19, I felt somewhat dissatisfied. I knew that I needed to further refine and boost my leadership skills as well as my people management skills. Make no mistake, interpersonal interactions and relationships are my forte. However, interpersonal skills and leadership skills, I’ve come to realise over the years, are vastly different.

It was at a job fair, manning a booth for my company, that I came across the R.A.C.E Program. After a short discussion with a career coach about PMEs (professionals, managers and executives) finding it tough to find jobs in the current volatile and ever changing job market, her insights really opened my eyes to this situation I once struggled with. I had decided to enrol in the R.A.C.E Program to further my leadership skills, to better prepare me for if I were faced with a similar situation in the future.

My Career Strategist assigned to me was Naidu, whom I came to highly respect. He gave me practical advice and pushed me to act on my career goals. He asked if I knew what my USP (Unique Selling Point) was when he went through my job history.

I was stunned for a moment.

With a trained eye that could only have developed through years of experience, he had picked out my USP (Unique Selling Point) in a second.

My key strength was the ability to transform and reform teams that were previously condemned as poorly performing. It was clear that I should prefer it over other strengths while developing my career path. It was an eye-opener.

The first few sessions I saw Naidu as my Career Strategist, but along the way, we had formed a bond that could surely be considered as friends.

With career coaching, it’s not about the duration spent together, it is about the advice, the prompters he could give to me during these sessions.

While I can safely say meeting Naidu was one of the biggest reward I got from attending the R.A.C.E Program, it was a lot more than just that. Through this three months attending this course, I have bolstered my network and relationships. Interacting with my course mates and trainers who, inevitably came from diverse backgrounds, helped me to understand that there are much things to learn from people of different background and industries.

Some people leave things to chance and luck. They congratulate you on that ‘lucky hit’ that netted you the job. But what they don’t realise is the importance of recognising an opportunity when it appears, and seizing it quickly and decisively. Indeed, luck plays a huge part, but you need that courage, that willingness to grasp the chance before it is too late. For me, I was glad that I stumbled upon the R.A.C.E booth at the job fair. And I’m even more pleased that I saw this opportunity and grabbed it when I could.



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Victor Chan
Pioneer Cohort
R.A.C.E. Learner

“Seize The Chance To Be A Victor” as narrated by Victor Chan, written by Qianying.

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