26 Aug Doorway To Opportunities

Some job seekers think that finding a job is the end. Yet, sometimes, finding a job may just be a part of a new beginning. Priscilia was one such person, who managed to open up a door of opportunities through a new job.

I first met Priscilia during her job search. Due to family commitment, she was absent from the workforce for a period of time. When she was ready to return, the timing was unfavourable. It affected her chances of re-entry into the job market.

As she was experienced in administrative work, she preferred a job in this area. She decided to send in some applications for administrative roles and wait for the response.

Mid-way into the R.A.C.E. Program, Priscilia was offered a customer service job in the healthcare industry. Yet, to my surprise she hesitated to accept the offer.

I was curious, as I felt that this was a fantastic opportunity. I thought she would be delighted after a season of inaction. After much probing, she told me her reasons for not doing so.

As the job scope was different from what she was used to, Priscilia shared her concerns. “What if I don’t like what I’m doing? Or what if I don’t want to stay long in this job?”

Many job seekers, like Priscilia, short-change themselves at this point.

They view a job offer as a finality. And they base all their decisions about their future on that job offer. In reality, a job offer should be viewed as an opportunity. A stepping stone to the beginning of further career exploration and self-understanding.

I analysed with her that accepting this job need not have to mark the end of her career seeking journey. It could become a good opportunity for her to learn new skills and start a new career path. It is true that she might take on another job if a more suitable one came along. But it was also possible that this job could open up new career progression.

But, without taking on this job offer, she would not know if she may be happy, or be able to excel in the new environment. She would neither gain awareness about herself, nor achieve a next level of personal growth.

Sometimes you need to open a door, to uncover your hidden inclinations.

The moment I enacted the possibilities she could gain from accepting this job, Priscilia was more open-minded. Her mindset was changed. She left our meeting, willing to find out the potential benefits this job could bring.

21169057 - image of young businessman standing with back opening door

Sometime after, I met Priscilia again to find out how she was coping with her new job.

I was glad to see a confident Priscilia who displayed positive work attitude. She seemed comfortable with her new working environment, and enjoyed interacting with her new colleagues. From what I heard, her performance was excellent.

She looked “lighter”, just as the weight of her dilemma had lifted. None of her worries had surfaced.

But nobody could predict the next turn of events for her.

Due to her positive attitude, outstanding work quality and confidence, Priscilia was talent-spotted. Just as she was settling into her new job, she was referred to another position in a different company. This time, the job was exactly what she had wanted, an administrative role. She happily accepted.

Opportunities are masters of disguise.

Job seekers often fail to recognise that landing a job does not signal the end of their quest for their desired career. Yet, grabbing this opportunity like what Priscilia has done, and making the most out of it can often help one in eventually finding the ideal job that they want.


Irene Lee
Career Strategist

“Doorway To Opportunities” as narrated by Irene, written by Lin Min.

Irene is a Career Strategist at Centre for Career Excellence. She was a CFO in a luxury brand MNC
before finally found her calling in training. Irene believes in living life to the fullest. When she is not
coaching or training, she participates in competitive ballroom dancing.


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