07 Sep 8 Things To Do BEFORE a Career Fair

Perhaps you’re attending your first career fair, or it could be that you’ve visited several before but felt unprepared. Whatever the case, arm yourself with the necessary information and tips on how to ace the Singapore Career Track Fair with ease! This is the first installment of a 3-part series on tips to prepare for a career fair. You may also like to read 7 Things To Do DURING A Career Fair and 9 Things to Do After A Career Fair.

1. Do your research.
Click here and you can see the industries and positions available in the career fair. Do find out about the career fair as much as you can, this will help you in asking questions or preparing for interviews later.

2. Prep your resume.
Bring one hard copy for resume review and at least another 5 copies for job application. Whenever possible, customise your resume according to the different job positions. (Read here if you need some help in tweaking resumes.) This makes your resume more relevant to the interviewer on first glance. For example, if you’re applying for jobs in slightly different industries, you can rearrange your different job experience by relevance.

3. Pre-register online and upload your resume.
Register online at http://www.moveup.sg/careertrack to secure a complimentary 45 minutes long career coaching session where experienced career coaches will help you through any career related doubts and questions you bring up.

4. Engage with Industry Ambassadors.
Industry Ambassadors will be representing different industries and helping companies to collect resumes on their behalf. If you need clarification about the logistics of job application submission, they will be happy to help.

5. Plan ahead and prioritise which jobs you want to apply for.
This will aid in making your sharing more concise during the 45 minutes long career coaching session. Having in mind a rough idea of what kind of jobs and industry you are planning to join helps your Coach better understand your situation and dispense the relevant advice. Remember, in this career fair, we will track your job applications for you over 1 month*!

6. Craft up career related questions.
Any career-related doubts can be brought up to your Coach, who will do their best to address your concerns based on their experience with coaching other job seekers with similar career related issues.

7. Build up your network!
Prepare namecards in advance so that you can pass them out to those at the fair. There may not be employers there, but you can still build up your network as you might never know where your connections and their connections can bring you. Get to know fellow job seekers, interact with fair organisers, industry ambassadors and coaches at the fair. But most importantly,

8. Welcome this opportunity to explore upgrading of your current skillsets.
In this fast paced career market, you might find yourself at a disadvantage without the relevant skillsets. Feel free to explore the booths for upgrading technical skillsets and soft skills.

A little bit of effort goes a long way. With preparation, you’ll get a lot more out of Singapore Career Track Fair. In our next posts, we will share with you what to do DURING and AFTER a career fair to get ahead!

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