13 Sep 7 Things to do DURING a Career Fair

Career fairs are exciting and nerve-racking for most people, all at the same time. Here is what you can expect at the Singapore Career Track Fair and how to show your best self while you are there. This is a 3-part series on tips to prepare for a career fair. Read the other articles in this series: 8 Things to Do BEFORE the Career Fair and 9 Things To Do AFTER The Career Fair.

1. The Early Bird Gets The Career Coach
Arrive early in the event to get plenty of time with the career coach. Mornings are usually less crowded and hence conducive for deeper enquiries before the peak hours arrive. Plan to stay long for the event so you can find out as much information as possible.

2. Register Under Professional Track For PME
Inform the registration counter if you had pre-registered online. Fill up the Job Application Form for Professional Track. If you are a walk-in career-seeker, request for the Professional Track Job Application Form for Professionals, Managers and Executive jobs.

3. Shortlist High Potential Jobs With Job Listings Booklet
Grab hold of the Job Listings Booklet and zoom in to the relevant jobs. Shortlist 5-10 positions which you feel are a good fit for your strengths. Rank the jobs that you’re most interested in (and reasons why you like it) before having a discussion with the coach.

4. Role Of Career Coaching
Think ahead about your career paths of interest, as well as what you feel are your strengths. As an unbiased observer, a coach may uncover new strengths that you may have overlooked. The role of the coach is not to find you a job, but to raise your chances of landing a job in line with your career goals. The coach may suggest different ways to do that. Be open minded to try new things.

5. Practice Self-Promotion With The Coach
Practice with the career coach how to present yourself in the best light to employers. From your body language to what you say, now is your chance to make the best first impression possible to increase your chances of getting an amazing work position. Show how your background and strengths can benefit the company of interest.

6. Submit Job Applications
Apply for jobs that meet your criteria, as determined in your brainstorming session with the career coach. The coach will position you in a better light with his comments, which will also be sent to the employers for their reference.

7. Take Action To Overcome Career Barriers
Peruse the array of courses available to you. If the career coach has identified the barriers that obstruct your career track, take concrete action to overcome these barriers. Upskill, change a habit and earn yourself a better job!

Above all, smile and relax. You’ve done your part and now it’s up to us. You’ll be updated of the status of your job application once a week for a month.

In our next post, we will detail how the Singapore Career Track Fair tracks your job applications and give more tips on what things could be done AFTER a career fair. Great things are ahead for you!

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