17 Oct Get to Know Me – The Challenges of Networking

Career Connection Singapore Monthly Dialogue Series

“Get to Know Me” – The Challenges of Networking by Dayal Krishnan

“The more we know each other, the easier we can help each other.”

The employment landscape has transformed in many ways since the last few decades.  Economic cycles are getting less predictable as new variables are affecting the economy.  Live span and retirement ages are increasing, what does this mean?  We have to face these global trends that are less predictable with new and unexpected factors affecting the economy.

Building a personal network is one of the critical factors to make sure that we stay current and ever ready to transit into new changes. In this event, we will explore the following:

  1. Understand why it’s important to get to know others and let others know you.
  2. Discuss the challenges you face when you meet someone
  3. Identify how you can get to know more people

About the Facilitator:

Dayal Krishnan

An experienced career and executive coach with an extensive corporate history, Dayal has survived various economic cycles since 1986.

Dayal’s 30-year career span has seen him take up various leadership roles and organizational exposure that extends into Technology, Business Management, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service. His career roles started with being a Marketing Planner with Texas Instruments and ultimately moved into IT.

His exposure to novel technology applications then lent opportunity for him to add value in differing business environments – Start-Ups, SMEs and MNCs, and in diverse industries like Manufacturing, Technology, Finance, Telco and Airlines. He has brought a startup to breakeven within 1 year and generated revenue of $4m for the technology business he was running during the financial crisis in the late 90s.

Companies that he has worked with include Malindo Airways Sdn. Bhd., Singtel, AGIS Pte. Ltd. and mPayment Pte. Ltd. of which he held the positions of President, Chief Operating Officer, Deputy Director and Head of Information Technology & Call Centre.

October, 26 Oct 2016, 7:00pm to 10:00pm
AGB Education Centre, 60 Paya Lebar Road Singapore, #11-53 (via Lobby 2) Singapore 409051

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