30 Nov Addicted to Coaching

Having personal goals and possible career paths have never been an issue to me. What really struck me was having to make choices. Which goal was I to follow? Being an entrepreneur or focusing on my training career?

“Having to choose between making a huge investment versus focusing on earning my bread and butter had me in a dilemma for months.”

Knowing that I was in a fix, I was introduced to the R.A.C.E program by a colleague. I was intrigued by the idea of increasing my playing field through leadership and people management skills. More so, having a career strategist sparked my interest.

Going into my first coaching session, I had no idea of what was to be expected. I didn’t know if I was ready to divulge so much personal information to a complete stranger.

Upon meeting Steven, he struck me immediately as a humble gentleman. His enthusiasm also helped me to open up as I felt very comfortable being in his presence.

Upon knowing my dilemma, Steven asked me, “Which goal do you think that you would reach first?”

Focused questioning helps prioritising goals

It was through such focused questions that made me prioritize my goals. I had to rank my priorities and consider my newly found strengths. It made me narrow my career path from being an entrepreneur to being a better trainer.

Faced with a better idea of my career path, I was also interested in knowing my strengths and weaknesses better. Steven helped me to grab hold of many profiling tools. It was through these profiling sessions that I understood how to work on my weaknesses and strengths. I had previously easily dismissed or took those strengths for granted.

For instance, being analytical and the ability to be patient during training. Aided by the Manage Self module in the Leadership & People Management course, I was more aware of the different communication patterns with different people.

I found myself being able to profile a person from his or her gestures and tone. It gave me a concrete structure to manage my emotions and communicate with different learners more effectively. I even received feedback from my employer that I did actually improve!

Looking back, I realised that Steven’s coaching style and guidance really made a difference in my career decisions. Instead of asking many questions, he actively listened. He allowed me to explore what I really wanted. He guided me to self-awareness and actualization without intrusive questioning. I really felt that there were no barriers. It was almost as if I was talking to my old friend.

Inspired by coaching to be a coach

It was through such guidance that made realised how clear I was on what I wanted to be in the near future – A coach.

It definitely helped that Steven was from the same industry as me. Through his vast experience and sharing, I was able to have an in-depth and focused discussion on what kind of coach I wanted to be. I was able to explore many options in such a short period that enabled me to fine-tune my career goal.

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”


I am sure that many people too face a time in their life where they are at a career crossroad. It is definitely a struggle feeling uncertainty and fear of making the wrong choice. Having experienced coaching, it provided that much needed guidance and point of view that I would not have if I was alone.

In fact, I would almost say that I am now addicted to coaching. Addicted to the ability to enable someone to explore him or herself and expand one’s horizons. With this newly-found passion, I am finally ready and eager to embark on my journey towards being a coach.


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Robert Lim
Pioneer Cohort
R.A.C.E. Learner

“Addicted to Coaching” as narrated by Robert Lim, written by Yuxin.

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