28 Dec Rebuilding Anew

I’ve always enjoyed working. I especially did so in when I got my job as a McDonald’s counter crew on 9th of November, 1979. After a few years, I was promoted to a marketing and operations role. We started the happy meal, birthday parties and educational programs for schools. Ideas to project the image of local identity ran freely in our team. It was truly the days of innovation and giving back to the community.

Due to a relocation to Australia, I had to leave this job and start fresh abroad in 1997. It was on in 2012, with my husband’s passing that I decided to move back to Singapore. After all, this was where my family was at. Where I had fond memories. The place I could truly call home.

Upon returning to Singapore, I was in for a surprise. The employability landscape was no longer recognizable to me. It was hard to get through interviews due to drastic changes in the workforce.

A New Start

This was confusing and depressing to me. The difficulty of getting a job had disrupted many of my plans.

I decided to change the game. Nothing was going to happen if I were to stay at home. I finally decided to sign up for WDA courses and actively went for career fairs. It was actually through a career fair that I was introduced to R.A.C.E.

New Discoveries

Having a Career Strategist for the first time definitely guided me through my journey. Joanna turned out to be a huge source of motivation and guidance. She pushed me to set personal goals, something that I had not thought of doing yet.

I was held accountable for my goals with every meeting with her. This pushed me to stay on track with what I wanted in my career. With every setback, I was encouraged and motivated to try better. With every success, it made me even more motivated and filled with hope for the future.

The modules in R.A.C.E also served as a refresher for me. It had been so long since my stint at Mcdonald’s. Workplace culture and dynamics have changed. Teams are now more diverse than ever. It was through courses such as “Cultivating Workplace” and “Managing Myself” that I now have a clearer idea and structure as to how I would manage my team.

I also learned about my strengths and weaknesses through the program. As a result of engaging my coach and classmates, I realised my strength lay in communicating with others. However, it was the presentation opportunities in the course that I needed to improve on. I realised I sometimes lose my words when I’m on stage. This gave me the opportunity to work on this weakness with my coach and trainers.

Through these experiences, I finally felt that I knew what I was doing and what I wanted to do. The feeling of enjoyment was finally back. I was really enjoying what I was doing and my mood changed for the better.

Finding My Community

Getting to meet the different people in R.A.C.E was more than the cherry on the top of the cake. It served as the base. The pillars that helped me throughout the program.

My classmates were a huge source of encouragement to me. In fact, all of us stuck together and actively helped one another. Being from all walks of life, we all had our unique insights and experiences to share.

Alongside with some trainers, their leadership experiences and specific examples really brightened me up. I now knew how they overcame their difficulties with their staff and bosses. If they could do it, so could I. It definitely sparked a fire in myself and the confidence that I had once lost.

Moving On

Sometimes it is hard to look past the obstacles you face in life. However it is important to keep your head up high. Disappointment in involuntary. Knowing how to pick yourself up takes precedence.

It definitely helps if you are not alone. From being a dejected jobseeker, I have finally found a job which I enjoy and a team that I now have the opportunity to lead during the midst of the program.

It is important to remember that at times things and opportunities are not always yours. However if you put your mind to it, there will be a day that you would get what you plan for. C’est la vie!


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Annie Lim
Pioneer Cohort
R.A.C.E. Learner

“Rebuilding Anew” as narrated by Annie, written by Yuxin.

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