06 Mar How we started championing Career Coaching for Career Excellence

In mid 2015, one of my closest friend confided in me that he had been retrenched by his company. Upon hearing this, with a background of more than 10 years in the employability training industry, my mind automatically went into “Fix-it” mode.

I was confident that this was right up my alley.

After all, our employability enhancement programs with national agencies boasts a 70% success rate of securing job placements within one month for our clients.

I immediately set out to impart unto him all the tools and techniques that had been developed for the employability training workshops. But to my dismay, there was no result after several months.

Apparently, all my tools and techniques have failed me.

My trust in statistics informed me that the success rate of 70% couldn’t be wrong, so the logical conclusion was that the problem lies with him. Unwittingly, I went from a “Fix-it” to a “Fix-him” mode.

Needless to say, matters got worse.

I started thinking about my past clients, in particular, the other 30%: “How are they doing now?”, “Did they get any jobs in the end?”, “Do they need help?”.

For the first time, I wondered, “Is there a better approach to help them?”

Like a switch turned on, I decided to apply coaching techniques with my friend. And instead of instructing him, I began asking deep, reflective questions.

I saw before my eyes how my friend’s defences were gradually lowered, as we work together to find a solution. Our friendship bonded over the session and he left more positive.

How Training can be enhanced by Coaching

That night, I had an “AHA!” moment: Where training achieves efficiency in its one-size-fits-all approach, coaching is tailored to an individual needs. Coaching believes that the solution to your situation lies within you and the coach is there to draw out the answers through skilful questioning.

It is a process of self-discovery to achieve CLARITY of one’s ultimate destination.

Now that I have personally encountered the power of career coaching through my personal friend’s situation, I have become convinced of the possibility of helping more people get coached during their careers.

The Founding of Centre for Career Excellence

Once the idea had taken root in my head, it was simply a matter of seeking like-minded people, like David Kwee, CEO of Training Vision Institute and Steven Seek, former Managing Director of JobsDB, to start the ball rolling.

Among the three of us, we drew from our combined executive, career and business coaching resources, and formed the Centre for Career Excellence, with the notion that people can achieve better via a coaching with learning approach. We are able to leverage on Training Vision’s expertise in leadership and people management training and AGB’s experience in employability know-how, with career coaching.

In 2016, our flagship program – R.A.C.E. (Route to Actualising Career Excellence), jointly organised by Training Vision and AGB Education Centre, was conceived. It answers the urgent call to equip mid-career talents to better navigate relationships in the workplace, with an emphasis on career management.


My Desire:
To inspire work fulfilment for individuals within a learning community.


To all who want a fresh look on their career, we hope coaching sets you in the right direction.

It all started with a friend-turned-client who helped me see what I needed to do differently, and I’m happy that he had set out to relaunch his career in Thailand.

And that’s the story of how we came to be: We are the Centre for Career Excellence and we champion career coaching.

In addressing this task head on, it is clear that we cannot do it alone and we will need all the help we can get to transform how our society views lifetime careers.

Would you be a part of our community?

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