07 Mar Being Committed to Progress by Dayal Krishnan

In collaboration with U Future Leaders Exchange

18th March 2017, 9:00am – 12:00pm
NTUC Centre, Level 7, Room 701, 1 Marina Boulevard


Improve your ability to achieve your goals by analysing how we get ourselves going and identifying what stops us from achieving the goals we set out to achieve by examining why we set these goals and their importance in our lives.

Prinicpal Career Coach Dayal shares his insights and goes beyond setting goals to examine why we need these goals and our difficulty in achieving them.

About the Speaker

As an experienced career and executive coach, Dayal Krishnan has experienced various economic cycles since 1986. His 30-year career span has seen him take up various leadership roles and organisational exposure that extends to Technology, Business Management, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service sectors, such as being Deputy Director of Singtel among other roles.

Dayal is thankful for this experience in hindsight as he is now able to share and coach others to look at challenges and opportunities in an objective manner.  His motto of “How can I do it even Better” has been the greatest driver both for him and his coachees as this is applicable for everyone.

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