28 Mar Perspective Positioning For Progress by Naidu Gautama

In collaboration with U Future Leaders Exchange

26th April 2017, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
NTUC Centre, 1 Marina Boulevard


Changing your perspective allows you to think outside of the box and approach leadership in new and groundbreaking ways for progress.

In this talk, you will learn the importance of shifting perspectives and the methods for changing your frame of mind. You will also learn how changing your perspective allows you to become a more effective leader who is able to achieve effective results.

About the Speaker

Naidu is a highly versatile coach and corporate trainer who has worked with a diverse mix of individuals that includes students, parents, teachers, CEOs, senior executives, business professionals and civil servants. With extensive media experience and as a professional Master- of- Ceremonies, he is a maestro at connecting with people and engaging them in a thoughtful manner.

With over 15 years of experience as a trainer, he has gathered an extensive body of knowledge and insights from a wide range of leadership and motivational authors such as Simon Sinek, James C Collins, John C Maxwell, Daniel H Pink, Adam Grant, Anthony Robbins and many more.

He has consolidated their important points and systemised it into workshops and talks that help participants experience a real breakthrough in their performance.

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