02 May How I Transformed my Career with a Leap of Faith

Being Chinese-educated and having attended only secondary school, I watched the opportunities of career growth whisk past me over the years. As society advanced, the use of English Language became more prevalent.

Having been in the workforce for over 2 decades, going back to school had never crossed my mind. Apart from a secondary school education, I had never attended any courses. As a student in my teenage years, I didn’t do very well academically, and so I thought I would never amount to any good going back to study.

Throughout my working years, I took on many roles and job functions. I had been an office coordinator, customer service personnel, HR assistant and now a production planner in a chemical plant. Part of my job role is supervising a team of 3 storekeepers to ensure goods are properly unloaded from containers.

If people more matured than me can learn, so can I

It was through a friend that I came across the RACE Program provided by Centre for Career Excellence. I was excited about having the idea of being able to graduate with a Diploma with the help of coaches.

At the learning center, I noticed a group of matured learners attending a course called Workplace Literacy, gathering and discussing about their spelling homework. Right then, I was inspired by their learning spirit and life-long learning attitude. I decided right away that embarking on the RACE Program was the right thing to do.

Coaches offer guidance, motivation and support

Annabel_image4Initially, I thought the coach was just a personal tutor, whose job was to help me learn and handhold me through the course. But I realized later that their role was way greater than that.

I am very grateful for my assessors and coaches, Irene and Dayal. Without their presence, I would have given up on the course. They were always there to encourage me, giving me the assurance how I was enough and sufficient to do well in the course.

Instead of handholding me, they guided me; helped me think better and broader; helped me to develop confidence in myself, and gave me directions to improve. Had they hand-held me, I wouldn’t have learnt as much as I had. The true learning of this course was more than the materials and course contents; it was the path of self-discovery and stepping out of my comfort zone that made this course most valuable.

The true learning of this course was more than the materials and course contents; it was the path of self-discovery and stepping out of my comfort zone that made this course most valuable.

You don’t need a title to lead

In the RACE program, I learned about leading a team in one of the modules called “Lead Team”. It made me more effective at my job because whatever I had learnt could be applied right away.

Before I attended the RACE program, I had difficulties getting the storekeeper at my workplace to be vigilant about the accuracy of packing the right chemical products for our customers. Now, I could muster the courage to lead the storekeepers, instructing them and helping them realize the importance of being vigilant in their work.

Additionally, I started offering broader perspectives to my boss. He appreciated my initiative and solution-based contributions, and he has been giving me greater responsibilities ever since.


A changed person: More confident about my life & my capabilities

After just 6 months since the start of my RACE Program, people around me started to witness a difference in me. They tell me that I am different – in a good sense. I am more confident when I speak; more courageous about voicing my thoughts; more tactful when handling interpersonal relationships, and a lot more excited about my life.

I am starting to reap the fruits of my labor. Having graduated with the Diploma in Leadership & People Management, not only am I more confident about my life and my capabilities, I feel more valuable in my workplace, more able to contribute positively to my company, and more capable to climb the corporate ladder.


If you would like to start your path to career success now, visit here to learn more about the RACE program.

“How I Transformed my Career with a Leap of Faith”
as narrated by Annabel*, written by Ignatius Mah.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

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