10 Aug The Ikigai Concept: Discover Your Purpose by James Siew

In collaboration with U Future Leaders Exchange

23rd August 2017, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Room 903, Level 9, NTUC Centre, 1 Marina Boulevard

Ikigai Concept: Discover Your Purpose

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being” or “purpose”.

This insightful and engaging talk focuses on the journey that each individual may need to go through to discover our own “ikigai”,  which means “one’s purpose” or the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. It examines the inter-connectedness of several aspects of one’s life: What we are good at doing, what we love doing, what we get paid to do, and what ‘our’ world needs. Gaining a deeper understanding of “one’s purpose” is valuable in discovering or searching for the kind of work — either what we are currently doing or what we aspire to do in our next role — that gives it much more meaning and fulfillment.

Come and learn what your “ikigai” is!

About the Speaker

James Siew has been a learning and organizational development practitioner and consultant for close to 25 years. He has held various corporate and consulting roles in human capital development, learning & organization development in industries such as IT, logistics, finance, electronics manufacturing, distribution and management consulting.

James has a special interest in leadership development and culture transformation, and has led consulting projects in strategic leadership development, culture change, sales transformation, talent management, performance management and human capital development best practices.


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