05 Sep Why is Career Coaching Important?

Changes to the 21st century economy have moved at a faster pace than what we have normally been accustomed to. Technological disruptions by new entrants have rendered many critical job functions obsolete. In Singapore, the census for 2017 has recorded that the unemployment rate is at its highest at 2.3% in the last seven years.

While there is a multitude of government aided programs to assist displaced individuals, what else can an individual do to help themselves along?

In Singapore, tuition is often the quick-fix solution for many parents with under-performing children. But even the best of tuition teachers with proven records are sometimes unable to guarantee the best scores for the individual student. Often times, motivation and other factors of what it means to be informed, to be curious and to be concerned about one’s prospects comes into play in determining a child’s long-term performance. In these times, some parents choose to have private tuition sessions instead of group sessions so that individual needs can be catered to.

In the adult world, we often turn to mentors, counsellors, trainers and more recently in the U.S and Europe career coaches for advice and guidance. While good mentors are sometimes difficult to come by, career coaches can be appointed to assist an individual in charting out their career path.

But what does having a career coach really mean and why is it relevant?

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Uncertain Economy

With millenials entering the job market in the last ten years, disruptions to the economy have only accelerated. With a new generation comes new technology, culture and different working and managerial styles. The millennial generation have long identified that career satisfaction trumps job security. Their opinions have raised concerns across the board but it is also changing the way in which employment has traditionally been defined. Employment for many now is not so much about finding a job but being able to find a job that brings economic and emotional satisfaction to the individual.


In addition to the inter-generational shifts in the market, globalisation continues to be a force to be reckoned with. Gone are the days of the iron rice bowl where decades of long service were commonplace and at times rewarded by larger companies.

The economy in Singapore as it stands in 2017 is an employer’s market and individuals are the ones who should be taking charge of planning their career instead of relying on employers for job security. There are a variety of challenges that any individual needs to address and pre-empt that stretches beyond just addressing skill gaps. This is where having a career coach becomes useful.


The Career Coach as your Personal Guide

Career Coach as your Compass

For many, the career coach is one’s compass and navigator. Whether you wish to find a job, be promoted or to improve your skills, the career coach is there as a guide to journey with you to your desired destination.

Having a career coach is different from seeking the advice of a friend or mentor. Unlike a friend or mentor, the career coach has no prior experience or knowledge of you, the coachee (individual client) and is therefore able to offer fresh insights on the issues at hand.

Addressing your Career Blind Spots

There are cases when career coaching can help to identify crucial blind spots affecting a coachee that were previously unknown. By addressing these career blind spots through coaching, an individual can then learn how to rework certain strengths and weaknesses and to stop certain process and habits from hindering aspects of their career and personal life any further.

Often times various psychometric tools, visualisation techniques and powerful questioning are used to help you gain clarity of your career direction and destination.

Marking out your Career Map

From there, the career coach would work with you to design a suitable career map to ensure that you are on track to achieving your career goals. Goals are often broken down into smaller milestones so that gaps between an individual’s interest and competency levels can be breached before reaching their desired destination. This could include training and certification courses needed to create an outstanding portfolio and to build one’s expertise in a particular area.

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When you are ready to start your journey, your career coach will be by your side. As your guiding companion, the career coach is there to provide structure to the process of reaching the destination while working with you through the pitfalls that comes with each journey so that you stay focused and motivated.

Be Prepared for the Long Haul

In spite of all the benefits that career coaching can bring, it is still important to establish a good working relationship with your coach, one that is filled with trust. Without trust, it is difficult to share the challenges you face and your personal thoughts with the career coach.

Expect to see results from at least a few sessions with the career coach. Like how a tree takes time to grow, your career growth requires sustained effort and collaboration with your career coach to monitor your progress.

There will be times when you face set-backs no matter how good the career coach is. The key is to stay positive and proactive. While it is not possible to avert such problems, you can develop strategies with the career coach to handle them better.


If you would like to start your path to career success now, visit here to learn more about the RACE program. RACE is jointly organised by Centre for Career Excellence* and Training Vision Institute.


*Centre for Career Excellence is a joint venture of Training Vision Institute and AGB Education.

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