06 Oct #askacoach LIVE! Viewpoints from the Employer: Why Aren’t PMETs Getting Hired?

Date: 11 October 2017
Time: 8:00pm — 8:30pm

Viewpoints from the Employer: Why Aren’t PMETs Getting Hired?

In the current job market, finding a job has not been an easy process for many. The current unemployment rate of 2.3% is at its highest in seven years. A large proportion of those affected have been PMETs, those who are midway through their career.

In this special edition of #askacoach, join Cheng Tan-Feng, former Greater China Head of BNP Paribas as he shares some of the reasons hindering the employment of mid-career PMETs. Tan Feng will also be sharing his views on talent development in future growth sectors and what employers and displaced PMETs can do to prepare for the future.

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About the Coach/Speaker

Cheng Tan-Feng is the Founder and Managing Partner of New Silk Road Financial (NSRF), a China-focused independent cross-border private investment platform. The strategic vision of NSRF is to build and prime multiple “surfboards” (i.e. consumer-focused businesses) to ride the global waves of capital hitting the China cross-border opportunity set, encapsulated by the visionary framework of China’s New Silk Road.

Tan-Feng has more than twenty years of experience in finance and investments, and was last HK-based Managing Director, Head of Greater China Business at BNP Paribas Asset Management, where he served for sixteen years. Tan-Feng has had extensive senior management experience across the Asia Pacific region, running teams in excess of 50 pax across eleven markets in the region, overseeing assets in excess of USD 10 billion, and was a regular member of both the APAC and global management teams. Tan-Feng started his investment career with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, as part of the Reserves Management Department, and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley as an MAS overseas scholar.

Tan-Feng’s passion for entrepreneurship and innovation is evident in his BNP Paribas career, where he pioneered and launched multiple businesses – including BNP PAM’s offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and China, as well as being the brainchild behind BNP Paribas’ sponsorship of the Center for the Globalisation of Chinese Enterprises (CGCE) at China’s premier Tsinghua University. Tan-Feng is also an active Angel investor, and a member of HK’s British Chambers’ Angel Investment Committee, and is a shareholder and financial advisor to multiple consumer-focused private businesses across the Asia-Pacifc region, ranging from education, skincare, healthcare, wellness, hospitality, biotech and consumer technology.


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