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Feeling uncertain about your career?


Whether is it career advancement or career switch, coaching helps you identify key issues that 

reframe your perspectives and open up wider career pathways. With new-gained clarity about yourself, 

the next career step will no longer be uncertain.


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career coaching to get clarity about yourself and your 


*This one-time complimentary career coaching session is valid for Singaporeans who are 40 
years and above only. askcce@careerexcellence.com.sg.Terms and conditions apply.


Here’s how coaching helped turn around the careers of our customers.

“After striking a short conversation with Coach Dayal, I sensed that he had the relevant expertise and was in a position to understand the difficulty I faced in making my next career move. Even though I wasn’t short of options, I wasn’t sure which to choose. In my first session with Dayal, we defined the course of the following sessions to effectively resolve my dilemma. We also formed a plan with specific goals. Within six months, I was to take the necessary actions to either look for a job compatible with my strengths, or join one of the business ventures offered by my friends.”


CHALLENGE: Undecided among looking for a job or joining a few business ventures.

SOLUTION: Formulate a career plan with the Career Coach with specific goals and evaluate best option available.

RESULT: Joined a company as a Technical Advisor, promoted to Director of Product and now Chief Technology Officer within 1 year. ᐧ

Thomas Tang
Chief Technology Officer

“From the first four sessions, Coach Irene was able to identify my blind spots by asking pointed questions that got me to think more broadly about the issues that I was facing at work that was potentially affecting my work performance at the company. It was through her powerful questioning that I realized that my communication style at work was potentially the factor that was hindering my promotion.”


CHALLENGE: Unable to recognise blindspots that potentially hinder promotion, communication style
SOLUTION: Reflection with coach on leadership style, practise relinquishing control, peer learning with coursemates
RESULT: Increase in self-awareness and communication style, significant improvement in working relationships, recognition from boss and increase in responsibility

Leon Leong Kok Meng
Production Manager

“One of the most significant things Coach Naidu did was to patiently go through my job history with me to identify my key strengths one by one. With a trained eye that could only have developed through years of experience, he picked out my USP (Unique Selling Point) in a second. I’ve always thought I have certain strengths – but nothing stood out. When I finally grasped that my USP was turning around underperforming teams, it was clear that I should prefer it over other strengths while developing my career path. It was an eye-opener.”


CHALLENGE: Unclear direction for professional self-pitching in interviews and networking
SOLUTION: Uncover recurring strengths throughout job histroy, revamp resume and develop USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
RESULT: Bolstered netork and relationships, career progression in other desired pathways.

Victor Chan

Complimentary Career Coaching Session

What’s Included

A pre-coaching needs assessment

Career guidance on current situation

Identify personal barriers to progress

A recommendation for next step

How It Works


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More Questions On What To Expect?

What should I expect when working with a career coach?


The career coach will be doing an assessment of your career situation and lend insights pertaining to the current job market. He will use powerful questions to help you clarify your career objectives and a broad recommendation for the next step.


What happens after the complimentary coaching session?


You can start working on the action steps as per recommended by the career coach. Alternatively, you can engage the personalised coaching service with self-leadership training through the RACE programs. The career coach will work with you to chart out your career milestones and action plans in order to reach your career objectives.




The primary role of the coach is to help you identify the issues that may be causing a career rut and uncover potential for career growth. The follow-up task is to set career milestones and action plans with you. The coach is best seen as a valued team member working in your interest to help you reaching your identified career objectives.


What are the credentials of your coaches?


Our coaches have undergone the Certified Coach Skills Program which the core coaching skills modules are recognised by International Coach Federation (ICF). The career coaching skills curriculum from Centre for Career Excellence has been developed over ten years of nationwide employability training.


Centre for Career Excellence is a community that champions career excellence for Professionals, Managers, Executives in Singapore. We integrate learning framework with individual coaching to achieve the best career outcomes for today’s PMETs. Our management and coach mentors have over 10 years experience in the employability market and are highly endorsed by both employers and employees.

Centre for Career Excellence partners with International Coaching Academy to provide Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) for our Career Coaches. We are supported by circles of communities where manpower, resources and support are strengthened through relationships and mutual benefits. Together, our career excellence community co-create new solutions for the 21st century workspace.