We are Centre for Career Excellence

Here at Centre for Career Excellence, you don’t just learn, you build relationships. The greater the relationship between you and our communities, the better your Career Coach can guide you. It is here where you can truly rise up to your full potential.

We enjoy working in Communities

Good solutions come from people. But great solutions are born from a community. We tap on everyone’s perspective and expertise on a single issue to create innovative solutions.

We encourage Generosity

When we share our knowledge, expertise and insights, everybody benefits. When we share, we learn; the more we learn, the more we want to share with others.

We believe in leading fulfilling lives

For many of us, work defines who we are and refining career mission simplifies life. Going to work everyday becomes less of a chore and more of a passion.

Centre for Career Excellence is a joint venture by two distinct companies — Training Vision Institute and AGB Education Centre

Training Vision Institute advanced PMEs and Rank & File workers’ skills sets by infusing learning with technology. We provide a wide range of programs, from basic WSQ English literacy to Higher Education Diplomas, Service Excellence and Leadership certifications.

Partnering with various national level employability programs, Asia Gold Bell Education keeps its fingers on the pulse of Singapore’s pressing employability challenges.

Banking on the wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience from training the majority of the Singaporean workforce, the two entrepreneuring companies launched Centre for Career Excellence to fill in a very much needed gap in the market.