Hi, I'm Alan Chia

RACE Trainer Leadership & People Management

For over 25 years, Allan has worked across a wide spectrum of industries in different countries, ranging from FCMG, pharmaceuticals, construction, and medical skincare.

During his career, he assumed roles such as Marketing Services Manager, Regional Marketing Manager, General Manager, Business Development Director and Managing Director in various countries such as Japan, US, Indonesia, Singapore and China.

His extensive and diverse career has strengthened his expertise in areas of strategic planning, change management, leadership & people management among others. Thanks to his international experience around the Asia Pacific region, he is extremely versatile in managing cultural diversities when faced with a diverse audience.

In the past 10 years, Allan has been actively involved in the facilitation of CREST & ESS courses. Some of the programs he has conducted include Leadership & People Management, Problem Solving & Decision Making, and more at various levels of engagement covering Level One (Operational Level) to Level Five (Senior Management Level). He has trained organisations including SAFRA, Tung Lok Group, Nestlé Singapore Pte Ltd,
3M Singapore Pte Ltd.


Former Managing Director & Business Development Director Various companies in the APAC region

  • Managing Director

  • General Manager

  • Business Development Director

  • Regional Marketing Manager

  • Marketing Services Manager

  • Trainer/Consultant


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