Hi, I'm Carol Koh

Associate Certified Coach
specialised in
Wellness Coaching

During Carol's professional career, she single-handedly managed the office’s day-to-day routine and liasions with clients. She also provided administrative support to all personnel levels within the company’s various departments.

When she chose to stay home to look after her children, she discovered a strong desire to reach out and ‘nurture’ back-to-work mums like herself.

Having made a comeback to the workforce, Carol has successfully helped working moms find confidence and directions as well as back-to-work moms find courage and clarity to return to the workforce. Carol coaches on effective communication to build strong working relationships in the workplace in order to gain cooperation and achieve organisational goals.

Carol embarked on the coaching profession and is now a member with International Coach Federation (ICF).

Her advice to those in career transition in today‘s rapidly changing world: “Take a leap of faith, upgrade, upskill, dare to make a difference!”


"Staying current and being relevant in today’s
workplace is the key to success"

  • Associate Trainer, Training Vision

  • Secretary, Spencer/BBDO

  • Teacher, Mind Stretcher Enrichment Centre

  • Insurance Sales Agent/Financial Planner, Prudential


    Hrs of Coaching & Mentoring