Certified Coach Skills(Career Coaching) waiting list 2018

Next CCS Intake Dates

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What CCS Learners say

“Thank you so much for a great learning experience. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately! The skills I learned during the workshop will certainly help me be more effective in my job and more valuable to my company. I enjoyed the presentation style and the use of group collaboration to better understand the principles.”


CCS program is a very practical program in which we can apply what we learnt effortlessly. With professional and experienced international coaches like Viya and Steven guiding us, we quickly see ourselves immersed in the world of coaching and inspired me to become a good coach.


“Enjoyed everything about the CCE course!!!- i.e. the knowledge learning topics, the classmates, the tutors and the camaraderie of this coaching community!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to experience it wholesale. What’s more important is I’ve helped 3 coachees progress forward through coaching practicum and that’s a wonderful feeling of personal satisfaction, i know I will be able to use this new skill set in whatever I do in life and especially with my family. Family members have noticed my change in approach since taking this course, as i listen a lot better and am much calmer when i encounter disruption and changes in my family life. I will continue practicing coaching and hopefully this community will be recognized and that coaching will be a respected career choice in Asia.”