Certified Coach Skills(Career Coaching) Preview 2018

AGB Education Centre
International Plaza, #06-18
Singapore, 079903

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

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Certified Career Coaching Certification by CCE &
Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) Certification by ICA

You used to fly high in the corporate world. But at this stage of your life, self-actualisation takes on a different form. Serving others with your experiences resonates more these days. You shouldn’t have any problems picking up the coaching skills. But can you make a career out of it?
Career coaching courses are all the rage. How do you identify the most credible course that works for you? Which also allows you to get in at least 25+ hours of hands-on practice in coaching, not just as a coach but as a coachee as well? By experiencing coaching from both sides in our course, you gain a more thorough understanding of coaching and practical coaching skills.
Furthermore, what many coaches don’t share are the difficulties of finding your own coachees. You end up collecting a skill but you can’t get paid for it. That’s where we come in as Centre for Career Excellence. Upon completion of the course and obtaining the Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) certification from International Coach Academy as well as CCE’s Certified Career Coaching Certificate, you will be part of our growing community of career coaches in Centre for Career Excellence Community and gain access to a large pool of coachees seeking career coaches.

How do we help Coaches excel in their coaching profession?

Coaches are pillars in Centre for Career Excellence. They are instrumental in inspiring the discovery of what makes work fulfilling for an individual.
For those who are passionate about mastering the craft, CCS Program lays the stepping stone towards the professional development journey. The Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) certification will showcase your completion of 18 Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), as accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This study directly pathways into International Coach Academy’s (ICA) Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP), and is the first step towards an ICF credential such as ACC or PCC.
Because unlike other coaching courses, we take a holistic approach with our Certified Coach Skills Program. CCS is not just a course for acquiring a new skills set. It is a platform for aspiring career coaches to launch their coaching profession in our career excellence community.

Program Structure

8 Modules

  • Introduction to Career Coaching
  • MAP Career Planning Framework
  • Coaching Presence
  • Coaching Skills
  • Labour Market Intelligence
  • Job Transition Skills
  • Coaching Model
  • Transformative Tools

Lesson Structure


Components Time
Core Coach Training 18 hrs
Career Coaching Training 12 hrs
Peer Coaching
6 Sessions of Peer Coaching as a Client
(Coaching by International Coach)
6 hrs
6 Sessions of Peer Coaching as a Coach 6 hrs
Coach Practicum 2 hrs
Assessment (Online/Practicum Submission) 1 hr
E-Learning (3 months access to ICA Resource Learnsite)
Total 45 hrs

Designed for

Aspiring career coaches, career switchers, CEO, Head of Departments, HR Managers, experienced professionals,  anyone who would like to use coaching as a tool to help others.

Certified Coach Skills(Career Coaching) Preview 2018

AGB Education Centre
International Plaza, #06-18
Singapore, 079903

7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Register for CCS Preview: 

Certified Coach Skills(Career Coaching) Intake Schedule

Certified Coach Skills(Career Coaching) Registration

What CCS Learners say

“Thank you so much for a great learning experience. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately! The skills I learned during the workshop will certainly help me be more effective in my job and more valuable to my company. I enjoyed the presentation style and the use of group collaboration to better understand the principles.”


CCS program is a very practical program in which we can apply what we learnt effortlessly. With professional and experienced international coaches like Viya and Steven guiding us, we quickly see ourselves immersed in the world of coaching and inspired me to become a good coach.


“The Certificate Coaching Skills (Career Coaching) has provided me the framework to coach individuals with their career challenges. It also makes my life more meaningful as I am able to impact individuals’ life while coaching them to be successful in their careers.””


“This program is informative with a well-designed course ware that is facilitated by trainers who are very proficient. This program is a good start to discovering the world of coaching.

I learnt what the essence of coaching is from my trainers whose conduct exudes what a good and caring coach is. What impacted me most was the session on self-discovery. Each of us have talents which, when used in a positive manner, can turn into strengths. My take-away from this course is, I am talented. What am I doing with my talents? Bury them dead forever or invest them in positive ways and impact the world around me?”


“With Viya, Steven and Adrian as mentors and facilitators for the Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching) Program, I managed to learn a lot of excellent career coaching skills which all of them had imparted effectively, patiently and professionally to me so that I could be an effective and a successful career coach. I would like to express my extreme gratitude to them for being my mentors and facilitators for this excellent Program.”


“Having been in the Real Estate Sales and Marketing industrial for the last 23 years, I see many people burn out after several years in this industry. They are not sure what or how, even where to move on. When I attended this course, I found ways to be able to coach them to a breakthrough. Our trainers, Ms Viya Chan & Mr Steven Seek, tirelessly point us towards the most direct, fastest and easiest way to understand. They have always modelled the coaching method not only explain but also teach us how a coach should be… I strongly recommend this career coaching course. Even if you are not going to embark as a coach, learn the way to self-coach for a breakthrough.”


“This is a challenging programme effectively conducted. All participants with broad experience helped to enrich the discussions in a very positive way…. There are many useful things I am taking home from this training. I am appreciative of this opportunity to learn from such a diverse team. Overall, this is one of the excellent courses with exceptionally competent and experience trainers like Adrian, Viya and Steven. Thanks!”


“Enjoyed everything about the CCE course!!!- i.e. the knowledge learning topics, the classmates, the tutors and the camaraderie of this coaching community!  I am so grateful for this opportunity to experience it wholesale. What’s more important is I’ve helped 3 coachees progress forward through coaching practicum and that’s a wonderful feeling of personal satisfaction, i know I will be able to use this new skill set in whatever I do in life and especially with my family. Family members have noticed my change in approach since taking this course, as i listen a lot better and am much calmer when i encounter disruption and changes in my family life. I will continue practicing coaching and hopefully this community will be recognized and that coaching will be a respected career choice in Asia.”