In Centre for Career Excellence, coaching plays an integral part. As career coaches, we are dedicated to helping you excel in your career. During coaching sessions, we provide a listening ear and help you clarify your career goals, so you can make an action plan. We are also motivators, inspiring you to take action and strive for career excellence.

Our career coaches have decades’ worth of valuable work experience in leadership and entrepreneurial roles across a diverse range of industries. They are now keen to share their experience and knowledge with their clients to help them in their careers. They also have completed the Certified Coach (Career Coaching) Skills course, as accredited by the International Coach Academy.

Get to know about our career coaches, or come and be part of our career coaches community.

Steven Seek
Coach Mentor
Talent Maximiser

“Achieving extraordinary results throughout career and life through coaching.”

Adrian Ang
Coach Mentor
Dynamic Mindshifter

“Re-engineering the mindset is the foremost task for any career transitioning.”

Viya Chen
Coach Mentor
Strengths Amplifier

“Awakening the dormant strengths in you.”

Rupert Gan
Coach Mentor
Champion of Employability

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Dayal Krishnan
Principal Career Coach
Career Crusader

“Conquering unchartered career possibilities.”

Irene Lee
Principal Career Coach
The Success Taskmaster

“Spurring you on beyond your career boundaries.”

Leslie Yong
Senior Career Coach
Career Growth Strategist

“Rekindling Motivations. Maximising Career Growth.”

Naidu Gautama
Career Coach
Personal Branding Specialist

“Differentiating your personal brand. Remodelling your career blueprint.”

Ng Aik Saw
Career Coach
Advocate of Resilience

“Empowering you with the tools to scale the employability landscape.”

Dr. Ramesh Tarani
Career Coach
Chief Uplifter

“Charting Career Pathways. Uplifting You to Your Fullest Potential.”

Raymond Wong
Career Coach
Career Mapmaker

“Mapping Career DNAs. Finding Your Career Life Purpose.”

George Goh
Career Coach
Agent of Adaptability

“Adapt Your Strengths in New Ways to Transform Your Career.”