Carol Koh

Senior Career Coach & Associate Trainer

Corporate Experiences:

• Associate Trainer, Training Vision Institute Pte Ltd
• Teacher — Mind Stretcher Enrichment Centre

Carol is a creative action-oriented people developer who enjoys spreading positive vibes. She has successfully coached clients from various industries like Finance, Training & Education, and Sales & Retail to name a few. She has experience in coaching Mid-Career Executives to Senior Managers, helping them to find clarity in their career and life goals, and harness their strengths to perform beyond mediocrity and see a transformation in their lives.

More about Carol 

Carol is an effective communicator and a responsible strategist who connects well with people through her influential and creative ways. Her varied work experience in sales, advertising, education, and training industries has allowed her to have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining a good rapport with people around her. She empowers individuals to achieve personal growth through training and coaching.

Besides being a Senior Career Coach at CCE, Carol facilitates Group Coaching Workshops combining both her passion for Baking & Cooking together with Coaching. She is keen to seek and create opportunities to help others succeed in life by unlocking their hidden potentials. To keep in touch with her clients, Carol continues to write articles to impart knowledge and impact their lives.

Carol inspires and motivates many of her clients to seek clarity and step out of their comfort zones to courageously pursue their purpose-driven journeys. 


• Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

• ACSTH, Collective Change Institute

• Certified Coach Skills, International Coach Academy

• Certified Coach Skills (Career Coaching), Centre for Career Excellence

• Knowdell Cards Sort by Timothy Hsi, Lead Knowdell Instructor Asia

• Job Search Strategy

• Exponential Performance Coaching

• Interview Coaching

Top Services


• Retail / Tourism & Hospitality

• Education
• Non-profit / Social Services

Client Types

• Professionals
• Business owner
• Senior Managers
• Executives
• back-to-work Mothers
• Parents (Married and/or Separated)


I was very lucky to have found Carol as a coach when I was going through quite a major personal transformation as well as defining the next steps in my new career. 

Carol is curious, caring, supportive, responsible and super positive. She’s a confident coach, ever curious and willing to probe as deep as necessary to gain the best results for her client. She also brings her natural creativity to our sessions, to challenge my perspectives and stretch my thinking, resulting in some truly impactful solutions for me.

Carol’s coaching and personal skills have really given me the awareness of how I can be a better person, in every session that we’ve had! And by continuously focusing on my strengths in our sessions, she’s helped me tremendously to always see the positive in my challenges and really get to know myself better in the midst of my personal transformation. 

I sincerely believe that I’ll be benefiting from the results of our coaching sessions together for many years to come. 

—  Miss Kelly Campino Bradford,

International Leadership & Career Coach,

Positive Psychology Practitioner

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