Lionel Tan

Career Coach

Corporate Experiences:

• Marketing Director, Retail
• Director/Marketing Advisor, Retail/Wholesale

• Merchandising Manager, Retail

Lionel has helped his clients to:
1. Articulate what they want and set a clear agenda.
2. Recognize their blind spots
3. Figure out how they are going to achieve their goals and create an action plan to get there.
4. Hold focus on their goals and ensure the client remains accountable for their actions.

More about Lionel

Lionel is a shopaholic, so it is no surprise he ended up being in the retail industry for the past 20+ years. Although he has an MBA in Corporate Finance, he couldn’t see himself working in the financial industry because of his passion for shopping, especially on shoes. He is one of the few men who could boast that he owned more pairs of shoes than his wife!

To be fair, he finds that his education in finance helped him tremendously in his career as a retailer. His financial analysis skills helped him to use qualitative and quantitative retail and financial data to execute his store operations and merchandising management strategies successfully.

However much as he loves chasing the bottom line and feeling a sense of accomplishment, whenever he sees his customers purchasing the merchandise that he developed, he also loves to mentor, train and coach his circle of influence. This eventually led him to leave the bright lights of retail to the path of coaching.


International Coaching Federation Certified Coach 

• Job Search Strategy

• Leadership Coaching 

• “Stuck in a Career” Coaching

• Retail Management

• Sales & Marketing
• Business Development 


Top Services

Featured Testimony

"Lionel has given good insights in coaching on how to create a relevant resume and Linkedin profile that stands out to get more exposure from the potential companies in just within an hour session! Pleasant and helpful session! Hoping to have a few more sessions!"

- I. Lee


The coaching session that I had with Lionel really open me up and made me think about how to drive myself forward. I expected a session where Lionel will do the talking and will give me answers to my situation. Instead , Lionel made me ask myself questions which in the end made me realised that the answers were there with me all the time. He helps me to see beyond the obvious.

—  Raymond K.

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