Coaching & Learning Community

Coaching plays a vital role in Centre for Career Excellence. Each Career Coach has an undivided mission – to discover what makes you unique and bring out your competitive edge. Your personal Career Coach’s role is to help you internalize your learning and weigh all career decisions together with you.

Business & Specialists & Community

Right from the beginning, we collaborate with CEO/industry leaders in The R.A.C.E. program. Because we believe that good solutions need to work in reality and not just look good in theory. You might also get talent-spotted when they interact with you at different stages of the program.

Job Seekers & Learners Community

In the Learners & Job Seekers Community, we always keep you updated in Education and Learning to give you the cutting edge and stay ahead of the rest in this rapid evolving working environment. We also strive to bring job opportunities to the community by informing all our member on any upcoming Career Fairs and rewarding events that contributes to their career development.