A 3-month comprehensive training, in-house mentorship and client referral programme that charts a sustainable career and financial pathway for CCE-trained coaches.

Recommended for

- Aspiring & practising coaches fulfilling International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)
- Coaches who prefer to focus on coaching activities than business development activities for their coaching practice
- Working professionals who desire to hone their coaching skills


Coach Enablement Journey

Certified Professional Career & Executive Coach


3 months part-time


Weekdays and Weekends
9am - 7pm

Bugis (unless otherwise advised)




Get Clarity

Get onboard with our legendary mentorship scheme with an ICF certified coach to hone your coaching competencies.

Learn Tools

Understand the pivotal role of a coach, building trust in coaching relationship and coaching ethics. Get proficient with coaching techniques such as active listening, powerful questioning, and creating awareness.

Join Community

Stay ahead on trends, sharpen skills, and share unique perspectives on platforms such as workshops and networking events.

Grow Career

Enlarge coaching practice outlook for individual & corporate coaching, international clients, with an established network of coaches, skills masters and peer community to tap on.

Get Certified & Paid

- Sustainable career and financial pathway with client referrals
- Mastery in Coaching (ICF Approved)^
- Specialist in Career Coaching*
Speacialist in Executive Coaching*
- Centre for Career Excellence's Certificate in “Certified Professional Career and Executive Coach”

^Certified Professional Career and Executive Coach is approved by International Coach Federation (ICF).
ICF Approved Mastery in Coaching (70 Hours ACSTH) programme is being offered by the Coaching Changes
Lives in partnership with Centre for Career Excellence.”

*Designed by Centre for Career Excellence in alignment to the strict professional and ethical standards of International Coach Federation.


CERTIFICATON 1: Mastery in Coaching
(ICF Approved 70 Hours ACSTH - Coaching Changes Lives)

Pre-study learning & reflection - 4 Hours
Live synchronous training (in-person or online) - 42 Hours
Group coaching sessions (online) - 14 Hours
‘Real’ life canvas coaching sessions - 6 Hours
Assessment & evaluation - 4 Hours

- Meeting Coaching Ethical Guidelines & Professional Standards
- Establish Coaching Agreement
- Establish Trust and Intimacy
- Developing a Coaching Presence
- Active Listening
- Powerful Questioning
- Direct Communication and Feedback
- Creating Awareness
- Designing Actions
- Planning and Goal Setting
- Managing Progress and Accountability
+ Neuroscience of Coaching
+ Becoming a Paid Coach

CERTIFICATON 2: Specialist in Career Coaching
(24 Hours - Centre for Career Excellence)

- Career Coaching
- Client Relationship
- Career Growth and Success
- Career Goals
- Career Forward

CERTIFICATON 3: Specialist in Executive Coaching
(16 Hours - Centre for Career Excellence)

- Advance Coaching Techniques
- Language and Emotions
- Creating Lasting Change
- Performance and Corporate Coaching Culture



3 months part-time


Weekdays and Weekends
9am - 7pm

Bugis (unless otherwise advised)


Online Assessment & video recording

Enrollment Criteria

- Minimum 5 years at managerial role
- Minimum English ‘O’ level pass

Graduation Requirement

- Achieve 100% attendance for each module
- Complete online assessment for coaching
- Complete all group coaching and mentor coaching

Upon successful completion of Certified Professional Career and Executive Coach, learners will receive:



Based on your career needs, you may continue in one of these pathways:


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