Hi, I'm Dr Ramesh Tarani

Academic Board Chairman & Member of Examination Board with Uptrend College

As a career coach, Dr Ramesh (PhD, Business Administration) firmly believes that his role is to help his clients assess their professional situations with a greater degree of personal honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion.

He works in partnership with his clients to help them adopt an ongoing solution-oriented approach. He nurtures them towards achieving alignment and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

With his expertise in business development, entrepreneurship and international marketing in diverse industries such as wholesale trade, electronics, engineering, aviation, hospitality and private education, Dr Ramesh has deep empathy and understanding for a client’s desire to balance purpose and practical needs.

His faith in the importance of every individual has given him the opportunity to coach, mentor and train at every level, from volunteering with prison inmates to develop employability and communication skills, to steering organisations such as being the CEO at the Marketing Institute of Singapore. Dr Ramesh has a passion to support his clients to create the results
they are looking for.

  • Executive Director/CEO, Marketing Institute of Singapore

  • Executive Director/CEO, Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre

  • Vice Principal & Director of Studies, Partnerships and Collaborations, Uptrend College


    Hrs of Coaching & Mentoring