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The Centre for Career Excellence (CCE) is a private establishment that champions career excellence among a growing community of mid-career professionals, managers, and executives (PMETs) in Singapore. Our approach integrates learning with individual coaching to achieve the best career outcome for today’s job market.CCE is supported by circles of communities where manpower, resources and support are strengthened through relationships and mutual benefits. Together, we co-create new solutions for the 21st century workspace.


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What our learners say


“Enjoyed everything about the coaching course! The knowledge learning topics, the classmates, the tutors and the camaraderie of this coaching community! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to experience it wholesale. What’s more important is, I’ve helped three coachees progress forward through coaching practicum. That’s a wonderful feeling of personal satisfaction. I know I will be able to use this new skill set in whatever I do in life and especially with my family.

Family members have noticed my change in approach since taking this course, as I listen a lot better, and am much calmer when i encounter disruption and changes in my family life. I will continue practicing coaching and hopefully this community will be recognized and that coaching will be a respected career choice in Asia.”

Thecla Teo
Marketing Evangelist

"They have good programmes with relevant content put into nutshells of approximately 16 hours per module. A series of career coaching sessions are run alongside with the modules, to provide guidance in this exceptional journey of self-discovery. Convenient locations, appropriately scheduled tea-breaks and competent facilitators are further hallmarks of the centre. Will definitely recommend to my friends. My sister already signed up and finished the leadership & people management classes. 😊"

Gina Ho

Former Training Support & Inventory professional, 2018

“I was stuck in my career. Coach Irene was both a role model and coach at the same time. She is someone I look up to because of her energy and zest for life. She helped me get out of the rut.”

Julia Feng
Former Customer Service Director, 2016

“One of the most significant things my coach, Coach Naidu did was to patiently go through my job history with me to identify my key strengths one by one. With a trained eye that could only have developed through years of experience, he picked out my USP in a second. I’ve always thought I have certain strengths – but nothing stood out. When I finally grasped that my USP was turning around underperforming teams, it was clear that I should prefer it over other strengths while developing my career path. It was an eye-opener.”

Victor Chan
Senior Sales Manager, 2016

"It is a good platform for people in between jobs and actively looking for jobs. The program is structured to give us confidence as a leader in the workplace. The modules are not just theoretical but practical approaches which u could correlate and experience in the workplace. The fellowship which I developed over the last few months with the trainees, trainers and admin support was awesome. The positive energy was great and I was surrounded by like-minded people who were sincere in sharing, helping and learning from one another."

Robin Lim


"Think career guidance, I think of my wonderful journey I had with the staff of Centre for Career Excellence. Along every step of the way, the excellent coaches, trainers and staff often went out of their way to assist my fellow classmates and me – no holding back! If that is not compassion and ever-willing spirit to help us and the wider community of participants, I do not know what was!! Hence my heartfelt thank you to all concerned, thank you all!"

Terry Yuen

Auditor, 2018

“After striking a short conversation with Coach Dayal, I sensed that he had the relevant expertise and was in a position to understand the difficulty I faced in making my next career move. Even though I wasn’t short of options, I wasn’t sure which to choose. In my first session with Dayal, we defined the course of the following sessions to effectively resolve my dilemma. We also formed a plan with specific goals. Within six months, I was to take the necessary actions to either look for a job compatible with my strengths, or join one of the business ventures offered by my friends.”

Thomas Tang

Director of Product Development, 2017

“Having been in the real estate sales and marketing industrial for the last 23 years, I see many people burn out after several years in this industry. They are not sure what or how, even where to move on. When I attended this course, I found ways to be able to coach them for a breakthrough. Our trainers, Ms Viya Chan & Mr Steven Seek, tirelessly point us towards the most direct, fastest and easiest way to understand. They have always modelled the coaching method - not only explain but teach us how a coach should be. I strongly recommend this career coaching course. Even if you are not going to embark as a coach, learn the way to self-coach for a breakthrough.”

Low Ok Richard

"What started of on just earning a Diploma for Leadership and People Management turns out to be a learning journey of experiences. I enjoyed learning journey and meeting/networking with new friends along the way. Each and everyone of us benefits with Centre for Career Excellence programmes. Best decision I ever make. Bottom line it's all about you and being the positive side of you."

Mohd Azlan


“After the profiling session, my coach encouraged me to develop my strengths. I always knew I have certain strengths, it just doesn’t occur to me that I should conscientiously develop them. He guided me further to narrow my path by skilful questioning and gave me the confidence to pursue a career goal more in line with my strengths. That awareness alone is quite miraculous. Somewhere in middle of the RACE, I changed. It subconsciously caused me to treat my clients with extra patience and attentiveness. My employer noticed the difference too.”

Robert Lim


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