Hi, I'm Leslie Yong

Former Sales Director of a
Telecommunications company

Leslie has built a deep understanding of the telcommunications industry as a result of working for SingTel for over thirty years in multiple roles.

During his time with SingTel, he exceeded multi-million dollar annual sales targets for more than a decade.

Leslie was instrumental to providing business core products and new services for strategic new business start-ups in Singapore. He skillfully handled large corporate clients such as JP Morgan and Esso Singapore, ensuring that both his company and its clients mutually benefited.

As a certified career coach, Leslie’s expertise lies in leadership and people management, personal development and growth, strategic planning and communications. With a strong passion for coaching, he is driven to help individuals achieve their career goals.

He also volunteers as a counsellor and program organiser with both National Cancer Centre and 365 Cancer Prevention Society.

Leslie is in the process of completing his graduation requirements for International coach Federation (ICF) at Associate Coach Certification (ACC) level.

  • Sales Director, Telecommunications company

  • Corporate Account Manager, SingTel

  • Sales Manager, SingTel

  • Associate WPL Trainer


    Hrs of Coaching & Mentoring