Hi, I'm Melvyn Tan

Career Xtreme Trainer |
1st Asian Video Evangelist
for LinkedIn

Melvyn is LinkedIn's top video creator in Asia and amongst the top video creator worldwide.

Started in December 2017, Melvyn’s videos went from 400 views to more than 200 thousand views in six months. He is currently a sought-after speaker and trainer on getting discovered and growing influence on LinkedIn. He has trained and spoken at LinkedIn Local, as well as government agencies like iN.LAB and MNCs like Repsol Lubricants and Citibank. Melvyn was also interviewed by Keith de Souza on FM 938NOW.

Melvyn Tan is the founder of Befinity Media, a digital media agency focusing on helping smart businesses accelerate their growth by using videos to dominate search and social marketing. He also founded LINE Consulting, a boutique strategy advisory firm in Singapore.

Melvyn is also a traveler having traveled to 46 cities in 13 countries with his family while world-schooling his two children. Melvyn and his wife created numerous videos documenting their travels, garnering the attention of Nobel Peace Centre in Osle and Woodruff Arts Centre in Atlanta, Georgia.


Became a LinkedIn Influencer in six months
Helps smart businesses get discovered, expand influence,
and accelerate growth on LinkedIn

  • Video Strategist on LinkedIn

  • Traveler & Lifestyle Vlogger on YouTube

  • Training Consultant/Trainer, Blue Harvest

  • Consultant in strategic planning and organizational excellence for educational institutions

  • Consultant strategic business planning for SEMs


    plus Video Views in Six Months