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Mastery In NLP


Ready to unleash your inner power?
Tap on your inner power with NLP to achieve breakthrough results for yourself and others.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming - for short (NLP), is a set of tools and techniques that can be used to create positive change in yourself, your clients and your business. It allows us to be aware of the mechanics of the mind, so that we can learn how to control our thoughts and emotions.
With this new conscious awareness, we are able to re-programme our subconscious mind to achieve greater success and happiness in all areas of our lives.
In this Mastery in NLP (Practitioner), we focus specifically on the successful application of NLP skills in allowing ourselves to develop communication skills and influence for yourself. 


  • Achieve greater SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in all areas of your life, career and business.

  • 'Remove' limiting belief and create multiple breakthrough

  • Be an Internationally Certified NLP Coach.

  • Blended approach of NLP and your leadership style to be a great and effective leader at your workplace.


  • 5 Days Face to Face Training with Master NLP Coach,
    Luke Salway.

  • Member of the largest Coach Community in Singapore with over 200 coaches.

  • A online platform for you to start your NLP coaching practice.



  • NLP Practitioner Certification

  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner Certification

  • NLP Coach Practitioner Certification

  • NLP Leadership Practitioner Certification (ICF CCE 48 Units)

Meet Your Master NLP Coach

Luke Salway

ICF Certified Coach
ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer
Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach


NLP Master Trainer, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full

potential to achieve Success & Happiness.


Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years all throughout Asia, Australia and USA, Luke has the necessary experience and skills to help companies and individuals around the world to create personal breakthrough and reach a new level of success.

Luke's passion lies in helping companies and individuals achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development and Achievement of Results. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of ICF Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Certification.

Luke is highly respected, sought after and has trained thousands of individuals and companies to realize their goals.

Once In A Lifetime Experience.

Weekends  |  Mastery In NLP
5 Days Training
Sat, Sun & Mon - 9.00am to 7.00pm
Centre for
Career Excellence

A Talent -Tech platform that integrates Jobseekers, Working Professionals, Hiring Enterprises, Industry Mentors and Professional Career Coaches.


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