Adrian Ang - CEO & Co-founder

Adrian Ang - CEO & Co-founder

David Kwee - Chairman & Co-founder

David Kwee - Chairman & Co-founder

Steven Seek - Coach Mentor

Steven Seek - Coach Mentor

Adrian Ang
CEO & Co-founder

With his enterprising and adventurous spirit, Adrian led his team from Asia Gold Bell Education to chart new grounds in adult education leading to the formation of the Centre for Career Excellence (CCE). Adrian currently sits at the CEO and co-founder for CCE.

Adrian is a motivational speaker, coach and entrepreneur. He has in his arsenal, more than ten years of training experience, with seven years of specialization in employability and career coaching for rank-and-file and PMEs workers. His expertise in the training profession has touched the lives of many individuals from varied backgrounds ranging from; directors, senior management staff of multi-national corporations to rank-and-file workers, senior citizens and prison inmates; motivating them to excel and achieve greater heights in their lives. Adrian possess a strong business acumen and his passion to nurture others knows no bounds.

Adrian’s adventurous spirit and relentless drive is something that has seen him venturing into previously under-explored territories in the region. He has established many schools in rural areas, of which many have thrived and developed to become full scale entities, catering to the local population while enhancing the lives of the less privileged. In 2009, Adrian opened a school in Vietnam and China. Adrian has gained valuable experience in leading and managing a team of more than 20 while capturing a massive chunk of the education market with the help of a representative office in Cambodia. Adrian brings with him to CCE his steadfast leadership as well his passion to connect with people with varied backgrounds.

Adrian holds a Master of Education, Monash University; Bachelor in Computing, National University of Singapore; Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA).

David Kwee
Chairman & Co-founder
As the co-founder of CCE, David helped to bring CCE to reality. Being the leader of his organisation (Training Vision Institute), David brings with him its expertise of wide range of learning programs as well as coaching and community enablement to pave the way to fulfilling the mission of CCE: The Community that transforms coaching with learning for growth and excellence.

David has been in practice for more than 20 years. He has had extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering real time training and consulting solutions for multinationals and home-grown companies both locally and regionally.

He takes an organisational development approach by integrating the knowledge and skills components and adapt them to context specific organisational environment. His ability to correlate organisational issues with the culture, structure, systems and strategies brings immeasurable value to the projects he manages.

Prior to the training and development industry, David is a sales and marketing management practitioner having spent his earlier years of corporate life in Rank Xerox and American International Assurance. David sees his leadership of Training Vision as that of enabling it to be the leader in the field Human Capital and Organisation Development in Asia.

David holds a Masters of Education from the University of Sheffield (UK).

Steven Seek
Coach Mentor
As the Coach Mentor at the Centre for Career Excellence (CCE), Steven plays a key role in training and advising coaches at CCE. He strives in uncovering an individual’s talents and potential with proper guidance. He believes that individuals can produce extraordinary results in their lives, career and business using coaching methods.

With his 26 years of experience in leadership and business management, Steven has devoted his time to business and leadership coaching, serving as a consultant to several digital and start-up companies. Many of them are well known successful digital companies now.

In 2012, he started his own consultancy and coaching practice to pursue his passion for coaching. During his time as managing director of a leading job portal for over a decade, Steven was able to reach out to jobseekers and employers through speaking engagements and workshops. He was also a pioneer in developing career development programs targeted at PMEs while working closely with government groups.

Steven is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation, Certified Professional Coach with the International Coach Academy and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. He is also an ACTA certified trainer and a Six Seconds EQ Practitioner.