Professional Career Coaching Programme (PCCP)

A 3-month hands-on foundational workshops with in-house mentoring for acquiring effective career coaching skills to achieve results.

Recommended for

- Aspiring coaches exploring career coaching skills
- HR practitioners, headhunters, managers and team leads guiding clients’ career trajectory or staff capability development

Certified Professional Career & Executive Coach (CPCEC)

A 3-month comprehensive training, in-house mentorship and client referral programme that charts a sustainable career and financial pathway for CCE-trained coaches.

Recommended for

- Aspiring & practising coaches fulfilling International Coach Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Specific Training Hours
- Coaches who prefer to focus on coaching activities than business development activities for their coaching practice
- Working professionals who desire honing their coaching skills


Route to Career Excellence (RACE)

A 3-month discovery journey with a personal coach to identify potential areas of growth spurts while building up soft skills for the next career lap.

Recommended for

Career Switchers, Job Seekers & Working Professionals who desire to grow their network and soft power via influence


Career Xtreme (CX)

A 3-week hand-holding bootcamp to learn, improvise and replicate the critical success factors for result-oriented job hunting outcomes.

Recommended for

Active PMET Jobseekers who are committed to re-work each stage of the entire job search process to clinch an offer