Your technical skills have gotten you this far. However, as a mid-career talent, it is your ability to connect with people that marks you for greater things in life. With the world becoming increasingly digitalised and high-tech, people are looking for leaders and managers with the human touch.

If you are feeling stuck in where you are now, or simply pondering on how to progress from your current position, you need to get CLARITY on the path ahead. With limited time, energy and finances, you’ll want to know which strengths you want to develop first to achieve greater work fulfilment.

Are you ready to get unstuck and get connected?

How does RACE help “unstuck” PMETs’ mid-careers?

RACE formulates three components to enable you to foster continuous engagement in the workplace and build relationships as a lifestyle. In 4 months, we will relaunch careers for PMETs who desire to outperform in their current capacity.

Discover and capitalise on your most valuable talents with a career coach who is committed to your progress. Amplify the soft skills in you through the WSQ Professional Diploma In Leadership and People Management via Training Vision Institute. Learn from experienced trainers who share their own success and challenges in managing relationships. Career decisions will be simpler as you approach life and work with clarity. This is the start of a happier, more fulfilling life.

Can’t get enough of RACE? You’ll have a year of alumni events to continue the learning and collaborative experience.

Start discovering people dynamics at a whole new level.

8 Modules Of LPM (Leadership & People Management) and EDGE (Executive Development in Growth & Excellence)

  1. Manage Self
    A leader is one who is also able to lead himself or herself. Learn to lead others, even without formal authority through influence and enhanced communication skills to make things happen!
  2. Enable People
    Successful organisations actively develop its people. As a people manager, you need to identify learning needs in others and build capabilities that support the achievement of business goals. Learn how to engage and coach others to achieve outstanding results.
  3. Lead Team
    Leaders, organisational strategy, and corporate governance policies are interconnected elements that form the building blocks of your organisation. In this course, find out the significance of these key elements and how they are pivotal to the success of your organisation.
  4. Cultivate Workplace Relationships
    Successful organisations place emphasis on leaders who are able to manage diversity in terms of cultural differences and geographical locations. In this course, find out how you can effectively build workplace relationships, overcome conflicts, and deliver desired results.
  5. Manage Change
    In a world of rapid change, organisations need leaders who are able to help them not only to cope with change but to thrive in it. Learn to manage change and transform the way your business grows.
  6. Manage Achievement of Results
    Leadership is the art of inspiring and enabling others to act. In today’s global environment, talent is not limited to simply having managerial skills but being able to engage and connect.Learn to enable people so that you inspire team performance beyond your widest imagination.
  7. Develop Professional Image & Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals
    Personal branding, networking and presentation skills are critical to your marketability. This course focuses on how you can align your career aspirations, develop your professional image, and build the right connections to enhance your market value.
  8. Develop Personal Effectiveness
    Effective leaders encourage effective communication and ethical critical thinking amongst their employees. Improve your performance by learning to maintain integrity through the decision-making process, apply emotional intelligence, and use opportunities for reflection on your own work performance.

Please find below the student handbook pertaining to WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management:

Up to 9 One-to-One Coaching Sessions

The structured 1-hour personalised sessions with your Career Coach will take you through the 4 stages of coaching: Assessment, Exploration, Preparation and Action. With the same trusted coach to follow through all 9 sessions, you are ready to take on the deeper issues in your career to unleash your potential. Benefits of coaching include:

  1. Accountability
    Your career coach will hold you accountable to your commitments and help keep you on track with the occasional push.
  2. Perspective
    Get different points of view on your progress or challenges. Gain insights to help you find solutions more quickly and effectively than you could on your own.
  3. Structure
    Have a guideline to know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and when to make exceptions to “the rules.”
  4. Support
    Have someone to celebrate your success or motivate you when you hit a roadblock. Get motivated back into positive action.
  5. Experience
    Have a sounding board by your side when it comes to job search, resume writing, interviews and portfolio building.
  6. Focus
    Know exactly what you are after, set clear and specific goals, and use tried-and-tested strategies for reaching your career goals.

Exclusive CCE Alumni benefits

  • Subsidised 1-on-1 Career Coaching
  • Resume and Cover Letter Advisory
  • Complimentary access to CCE Calendar of Events
  • Access to Special Workshops by High-Value Speakers
  • Referral access to Recruitment Services

At the end of RACE, you will receive:

  • WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management via Training Vision Institute
  • Dedicated personal Career Coach for career guidance
  • Workshops and events exclusively for CCE members
  • SkillsFuture Qualification Award of $1,000

Designed for

Mid-career talents, career switchers, job seekers, bosses, leaders and managers at any levels, anyone who would like to manage their work/life relationships better

Next Intake Schedule & Course Fee

Next intake for  2018, Paya Lebar (Tue, Thu & Sat). First Coaching: 2 weeks from class start.

  • Tue: 7:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Thu: 7:00PM – 10:00PM
  • Sat: 9:00AM – 7:00PM

What RACE Learners say

“I was then actively seeking employment and could not find a suitable job primarily due to my confidence. Dayal has provided me with the tools I needed to strengthen my career and develop a deeper thinking and multi-faceted perspective to problem solving. The sense of empowerment is wonderful! His guidance has helped me gain successful employment. Thank you Dayal!”


“I was struggling to understand the concepts in the Leadership & People Management modules at first – it all sounded very non-academic to me.

But the moment I understood it was meant to provide a framework for all those leadership attitudes & behaviors I used to display as a manager, a switch inside me suddenly turned on. Learning became exciting and I could relate the lessons to my previous people management gaps.

Through numerous lengthy yet engaging discussions, Winson (Career Coach) helped me ingrained my personal insights. He was also very affirming about the career goal I had mapped out, which gave me full confidence to speed up my action plan. We enjoyed each others’ company thoroughly.”

Supply Chain Expert
R.A.C.E. Pioneer Cohort

“From a person who started out with zero understanding about coaching, my coaching sessions has changed me totally.

After Steven (Career Coach) did profiling with me, he encouraged me to develop my strengths. I always knew I have certain strengths, it just doesn’t occur to me that I should conscientiously develop them. Steven guided me further to narrow my path by skillful questioning and gave me the confidence to pursue a career goal more in line with my strengths.

That awareness alone is quite miraculous. Somewhere in middle of the R.A.C.E. Program, I changed. It subconsciously caused me to treat my clients with extra patience and attentiveness. My employer noticed the difference too.”

Freelance Computer Skills Trainer
R.A.C.E. Pioneer Cohort

“Naidu (Career Coach) and I are beyond the conventional coach-coachee relationship, we are more like old friends. I really respect him.

One of the most significant things he did was to patiently go through my job history with me to identify my key strengths one by one. With a trained eye that could only have developed through years of experience, he picked out my USP (Unique Selling Point) in a second.

I’ve always thought I have certain strengths – but nothing stood out. When I finally grasped that my USP was turning around underperforming teams, it was clear that I should prefer it over other strengths while developing my career path. It was an eye-opener.”

The TEAM “Lazarus”
R.A.C.E. Pioneer Cohort

“Having a Career Coach for the first time definitely guided me through my journey. Joanna turned out to be a huge source of motivation and guidance. She pushed me to set personal goals, something that I had not thought of doing yet.

I was held accountable for my goals with every meeting with her. This pushed me to stay on track with what I wanted in my career. With every setback, I was encouraged and motivated to try better.”

R.A.C.E Learner
Pioneer Cohort

“With Dayal’s patient guidance, I not only managed to uplift my confidence but I have even received 2 job offers! I am now gainfully employed and I am really thankful to him for helping me identify my strengths again which was clouded during this period.“

R.A.C.E. Graduate
IT Developer

“I was stuck in my career. Irene was both a role model and coach at the same time. She is someone I look up to because of her energy and zest for life. She helped me get out of the rut.”

Former Customer Service Director
R.A.C.E Graduate

“Having graduated with the Diploma in Leadership & People Management, not only am I more confident about my life and my capabilities, I feel more valuable in my workplace, more able to contribute positively to my company, and more capable to climb the corporate ladder.”

R.A.C.E Graduate

“Before the R.A.C.E program, and in particular, Dayal’s one-on-one coaching, I was confused and misguided, but now, I am truly happy and satisfied with my career direction.”

Product Director
R.A.C.E Graduate

“During my 25 years with the company, I felt that I could go further than my current position as a Project Director but did not know how I could do it.

Luckily, I met Leslie during a career event. He encouraged me to go for the RACE Program which included career coaching. During the coaching sessions with Leslie, he guided and taught me how to present more confidently for the company managing stakeholders with the most effective ways. In the RACE Program, I have learned new skills that have helped me in my career.

Thank you.”

Project Director
R.A.C.E Learner