RACE & RACE Plus Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between RACE and RACE Plus?

RACE is suitable for employed PMETs who want to advance their career or improve their workplace skills, while RACE Plus is for those who want to focus on finding a job and improve their employability.

Compared with the RACE Program, RACE Plus has an additional Job FastTrack component, where learners will focus on learning important employability skills like networking, strategic goal setting, jobsearch plan on top of resume and cover letter writing.

2. How will the RACE Programs help me?

The RACE programs help learners by teaching important leadership and people management skills that are needed in order to succeed as a leader in the modern workplace.

Aside from learning, you will also receive coaching by career coaches certified by Centre for Career Excellence who will help you evaluate your career goals and stay committed to developing and completing your career plan.

You will also be a member of the Centre for Career Excellence community and receive the support of your fellow coursemates, coaches, trainers and employability partners.

3. Are there pre-requisites for the course?

To be eligible for the course, you should have at least O Levels and especially, some work experience in either a SME or MNC. Your work experience will help you understand the course material better. Any prior supervisory or managerial experience is an added advantage, but not a prerequisite.

4. I did a similar course under the WSQ framework like this before, should i retake every module?

Please submit your SOA (Statement of Attainment) and Certificates to Centre for Career Excellence for our verification. We will assess and advise you accordingly.

5. How long is the course?

Including breaks in between modules, it takes about 3 months to complete the program.

6. Do I need to attend all the lessons in order to graduate?

Yes, it is advisable to attend all lessons in order to graduate. To be eligible for course fee funding, you need to have at least 75% attendance, taken all the assessments and be deemed “competent” for the course.

7. What if I can’t make it on some days, can I make up for it another day?

Unfortunately, there are no makeup lessons. However, you may reschedule or defer the whole module and not miss any lessons if you are unable to meet the 75% attendance criteria, i.e you cannot attend at least 3 out of 4 sessions. You can inform the CCE Admin team at askcce@careerexcellence.com.sg or call 6694 1262 in advance of the dates you are unable to attend. Please note that you will need to pay the full fee for the rescheduled module.

8. I’ve used up my Skills Future credit, what should I do?

If your SkillsFuture Credit has been used up, you will need to pay the remaining amount for the course/module fee. For example, the fee is $700, but has $200 remaining after SkillsFuture Credit subsidy of $500. You will need to pay the remaining $200 in this case.

9. How many students are there in a class?

The number of students per class varies, maximum class size is 24 people.

10. What do I do during career coaching?

During the career coaching session, you will need to keep an open mind and be honest with your career coach. Essentially, it is a guided conversation where the career coach helps you explore options and see things from a different angle so you can make more objective, deliberate and informed decisions that are beneficial to you.

11. Why do I need a career coach?

A career coach enables you to break out of thinking habits that may have held you back. You will develop a career action plan with the help of your career coach’s insights and experience. Your career coach will also act as your accountability partner to ensure that you are able to put your plan into action for your career growth.

12. Can I choose my career coach?

Yes, you may choose your career coach depending on availability, though we may offer you a different choice if we feel that they are a better fit for you. Please either call us at 6694 1262 or email us at askcce@careerexcellence.com.sg to inform us of your choice.

13. It seems like your career coaches do not come from any industry relevant to mine, how effective will the coaching session be?

Career coaching is about helping you to find your own answers. A good career coach can help you achieve better objectivity and personal understanding even if they may be from a different industry. Our career coaches have been taught coaching competencies as required by the International Coach Federation, which enable them to effectively coach others, no matter which industry they may come from.

For the coaching session to be most effective, you must be willing to be open with your career coach and work actively with them so they are better able to coach you.

14. Can I just do the Leadership and People Management modules without the career coaching segment? Can I do the career coaching segment without the training modules?

As the RACE Program is designed as a whole package, it is not recommended to do either part separately. Our programs are structured in this way as it is the most effective way for the learners to get the most out of the program, as well as benefit more from career coaching.

15. I completed the program but would still need the assistance of a career coach. Who can I approach for this?

To assist us in serving you better, we will need to better understand your situation. Please email us at askcce@careerexcellence.com.sg with the required information below:

1. Your Name and NRIC
2. Have you completed all 9 sessions of Career Coaching from the RACE Program?
3. Would you like to continue with your previous career coach? Please provide your career coach’s name.

16. What are the benefits of CCE Membership?

You will receive the following benefits as a CCE member.
1. Subsidised 1-on-1 Coaching
2. Referral services upon Request with Fish4Talents
3. 1 Resume and Cover Letter Consultation Session
4. Centre for Career Excellence Calendar of Events
5. Access to special workshops by high-value speakers

For more information, you can click here.

17. How are we assessed for the modules?

There are two assessments for the modules, written and oral.

You will be emailed a digital copy of the written assessment during the module. You will be required to complete the written assessment and email it back to us within 7 days of the module’s completion date.

During the first session of the module, you will be asked to choose your timeslot for the oral assessment which usually takes place a few days after submission of your written assessment. During the oral assessment, you will sit for a 15 – 30 minutes interview with an assessor to assess your knowledge and understanding of the module.

18. How do I make payment? What is the mode of payment?

You will need to put down an application fee of $40 as an indication of your interest. Our course administrator will then contact you for your registration appointment to confirm your class enrollment. Payment for RACE will be advised by staff only upon confirmation of registration. We accept payments in either NETS, PayPal, Credit Card via PayPal or SkillsFuture Credit.

19. What is PEI?

PEI is the acronym for Private Education Institution. In this case, the PEI that is involved in offering the WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management is  Training Vision Institute .

20. PEI-  Standard Student Contract

All learners enrolled into the WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management are required to sign a PEI- Standard Student contract with Training Vision Institute as mandated by the Private Education Act. The contract sets the terms and conditions of your enrolment with us. To learn more about this act, please click here.

21. Where is the class held?

You will be notified via email of your class venue a few days before class starts.

22. Where can I find the schedule for classes?

Class schedules for RACE can be found here. For RACE Plus schedules, please look here.

23. When is the next intake?

You may enroll any time to start our programs on the next available class start date shown on the registration form. Please refer to our RACE or RACE Plus class schedules for information on when the next module starts.

24. How are our coaches certified?

Our coaches are awarded by the International Coach Academy with a certificate in Certifed Coach Skills (Career Coaching) as well as a Certified Career Coaching certificate from Centre for Career Excellence.

25. Are there any program subsidies?


Yes, the programs are eligible for government subsidy under the SkillsFuture Credit. If you are either a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident, you can apply for subsidy. Please refer to the tables below to check how much subsidy you are entitled to.

RACE Course Fee

RACE Plus Course Fee

Fees are calculated with deduction of SkillsFuture Credit and inclusive of GST.

26. Who are the trainers for the Leadership & People Management modules in the RACE Programs?

Trainers for the 8 LPM modules are from Training Vision Institute, you may view the list of trainers here.

27. What if I have a Workfare Training Support (WTS) letter?

You are eligible for 95% subsidy with the WTS letter. Please indicate on the registration form and we will verify details with you to apply for the subsidy.

28. What is the SkillsFuture Qualifications Award?

SkillsFuture Qualification Award is a cash award worth $1000 that is given to learners who have attained a WSQ Diploma, WSQ Specialist Diploma, WSQ Graduate Certificate or WSQ Graduate Diploma. For RACE graduates you can apply for SFQA at http://www.skillsfuture.sg/qualificationaward upon completion of all the modules. For more details, click here.

Proceed to login at www.skillsconnect.gov.sg with your SingPass to claim the Skills Future Qualification Award after you have completed the full course, received and downloaded all your e-certs.