About RACE

The RACE and RACE Plus Programs are managed by Centre for Career Excellence (CCE). Training Vision Institute and CCE are the joint-marketing partners for the RACE and RACE Plus programs. The programs seek to promote a coaching with learning experience among PMETs.

Different components of the RACE and RACE Plus programs are conducted by various training providers, facilitated by CCE:

WSQ Professional Diploma In Leadership & People Management (LPM)

The 8 modules in LPM are conducted by Training Vision Institute and the list of LPM trainers can be viewed here.

9 Sessions of Career Coaching

All career coaching sessions are conducted by CCE and the profiles of CCE coaches may be viewed here.

Community Membership

Community engagements for RACE learners and graduates are facilitated by CCE, please read here for more details.

Employability Skills Workshop Module

The Employability Skills Workshop (Job FastTrack) module under the RACE Plus Program is conducted by AGB Education


Your technical skills have gotten you this far. However, as a mid-career talent, it is your ability to connect with people that marks you for greater things in life. With the world becoming increasingly digitalised and high-tech, people are looking for leaders and managers with not just strong technical abilities, but leaders with the human touch.


RACE Plus (Race to Actualising Career Excellence Plus) is a diploma in Leadership and People Management (LPM) as well as an Employability Skills Workshop. The JOB FastTrack module is specially designed for PMETs desiring to increase their employability.